SS900 Billet Top End Kit - Stock Stroke


The best bang for your buck is the stock stroke SS900 billet power valve 7 port cylinder from XScream. This power valve cylinder has unmatched reliability and linear power delivery for the enthusiast that demands the best. We provide tuning recommendations and support to ensure complete satisfaction with our top end long after delivery.

XScream Power Valves:

  • The most innovative valve design available
  • Lower profile means they clear Factory B pipe without modification to the head pipe.
  • No spacer required.
  • Less expensive and more reliable than any other power valves

SS900 Top End Kit includes:

  • SS900 Billet Cylinder with Power Valves
  • XScream Freestyle Cylinder Porting
  • Wiseco Forged Piston Kits
  • Wrist Pin Bearings
  • XScream SS900 Head
  • XScream Custom Sleeves Installed (90mm to 91mm bore)
  • Domes cut for pump, aviation or race fuel
  • Dome O Rings
  • Custom Base Gasket
  • Stainless Steel Bolts for Cylinder and Head

SS900 Piston Options: 90mm, 90.5mm and 91mm

  • Custom Wiseco Flat Top Pistons
  • 90mm bore = 865cc
  • 90.5mm bore = 875cc
  • 91mm bore = 885cc

- We recommend using an OEM Yamaha 701 crankshaft and 62T cases
- At minimum OEM 62T cases will need to be fly cut to accept the larger sleeves. We recommend XScream 62T case modifications to extract maximum power from our top end kit. Modifications include epoxy and finger port work, reinforcing front seal area with epoxy, installing a second pulse line fitting and CNC work to match the top case to larger transfer ports on our billet power valve cylinder.
- Custom engraving and colors available, contact us for more information.

This was the engine Derrick Kemnitz Jr won the 2011 Amateur World Finals with.

*The SS865 is now the SS900

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  • Manufactured by: X-Metal

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